Hong Kong is all along well-known for a food paradise. Local food productions and catering industries are the concrete pillar to shoulder up the GDP in Hong Kong disregarded the continuous turmoil of the cycles and impact of the public health epidemic. It is unquestionable that food business sectors contribute much to improve quality of people's livelihood and maintain social harmony as well as stability.

Being the fundamental industry in Hong Kong, the traditional food manufacturing consist mostly conventional and customary production lines. In view of such, a group of professionals from the food and beverage, innovation and technologies in Hong Kong, sharing with the common thought to support development of these traditional trades and growth of other start-ups of innovative food manufacturing industries, work together to bring smart production and advanced technology applications into their production. To cultivate such an environment of sustainable corporate participation in the modern technological era, let us join hand in hand to escalate Hong Kong's competitiveness and economic diversification.


Hong Kong plays a significant functional role to facilitate both great internal circulation and dual circulation of circulation between the domestic and international of the mainland. To grasp such important opportunities of the national development, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area provides the treasurable entry point for Hong Kong., To keep innovative thinking and current advantages among others, it still maintains the unique status of Hong Kong's food technology and food processing industry to bring the "Made in Hong Kong" prosperously onwards.

Approaching the generation of Industry 4.0 and Made in China 2025 together with achieving the goal of "Digital China” of 14th Five-Year Plan, the food manufacturing, innovation and technology sectors can synergize their power to upgrade and transform the "digital transformation" as well as bringing in advanced production such as "smart manufacturing" to improve productivity and food safety so as to achieve energy conservation, emission reduction and net zero carbon emissions for improvement of environment.

To be the good examples with social responsibility parallel to the development momentum towards a better Hong Kong, the food manufacturing and catering industries are to be promoted for actively rewarding the community by means of various supports and charitable activities.

Association Structure

.Finance Committee.

Handle all financial work, arrange financial statements, and control financial situation.

.Administration & Communication Committee.

Communication and social media related work; formulate, implement and manage various types of communication, event planning and participation projects.

.Member Welfare Committee.

To discuss and recommend member recruitment and retention strategies to promote the sustainability of membership development; strive to improve member services to meet members' needs and the ever-changing Hong Kong business environment.

.Professional and Youth Training & Development Committee.

Appeal the young generation from different industrial sectors, explore new development directions for the catering industry, and aim to promote the inheritance of smart catering; organize different activities to improve the quality of people in the industry, and provide professionals with important information on business strategies.

.Green & Innovation Technology Committee.

To realize the development and improvement of future food from the perspective of low carbon emmission and energy efficiency through innovation and technology; to cooperate with other academic organizations to jointly develop smart equipment ; introducing the latest achievements and applications to enhance business competitiveness and sustainability.

.GBA Smart Catering Development Committee.

Provide members with information on the development of food technology in the Greater Bay Area and exchange of technology in respect of research and development; assist members in obtaining and applying for government funding, and share the latest information on government funding. Offer help to cooperate with the government's "Re-industrialization 4.0" development and green financing striving for energy saving and emission reduction.

.Technology & Sustainable Development Committee.

Gather technical experts from academia and industry, share the latest R&D results and technical information, and provide members with suggestions on existing system integration, optimization, transformation and incorporate ESG into their strategies and developing sustainability roadmap.